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Vassar-Warner Home
52 South Hamilton Street
Poughkeepsie, NY, 12601
Phone: 845/454-3754

We welcome visitors and would love for you to visit our home. Please contact our Business Office by phone or email inquire:
Phone: 845-454-3754

The Vassar-Warner Home is a stately, historic building that radiates dignity and warmth. Constructed in 1835, it is prominent on South Hamilton Street, listed on the National Register of Historic Properties as part of Vassar-Warner Row. Its distinctive columns, high ceilings, verandas, fireplaces, large windows, and antique furniture make it stand out even among the many elegant older homes in the neighborhood. Despite Vassar-Warner Home’s 140-plus year history, the building is outfitted with modern conveniences like elevators, a full-capacity generator, telephones, and safety-equipped shower and bath facilities. Today, we take pleasure in maintaining a warm and welcoming home, with everything from home-cooked meals to cozy parlors to our resident cats.