Board of Advocates (formerly known as The Board of Lady Managers)

In the early days of Vassar-Warner Home, an energetic corps of volunteers contributed daily to the activity and warmth of the home. Remarkably, after all of these years, the volunteer Board of Advocates remains strong and active. Members contribute in a variety of ways—from celebrating birthdays to one-on-one visits with residents to arranging special events and outings for our residents (spring picnic, Victorian tea party, etc.) The Board of Advocates also run a small store inside the building to offer a convenient way for residents to purchase incidentals and light snacks.

  • Co-presidents: Mary Bastian-Van Voorhis & Janet Houston
  • Treasurer: Patricia Drain
  • Recording Secretary: Therese O’Connor
  • Betty Allen-Clark
  • Leila Judd
  • Joan McDonald