We believe that quality care is enhanced by a strong partnership between families and staff. We are always available for questions or concerns, and encourage family members to join us as much as possible.

  •  Family Nights Family nights are typically held once per month from September to June. The staff decorates, plans entertainment, and sends e-invitations. It is a chance for family members to get to know the staff and vice versa. Family members often share delicious, homemade desserts!
  •  Open Meals Family members are always welcome to join us for meals for a nominal fee. On special occasions we invite families to join us for special meal or event in our dining room.
  •  Visiting Hours Residents are welcome to have visitors any time they choose. We do ask that visitors be respectful of quiet hours, which begin at 8:00pm.
  • Special Occasions Families frequently come for birthday gatherings and other special occasions.