catVassar-Warner Home is the Only Not-for-profit Adult Home and Assisted Living Program in
Dutchess County

As a not-for-profit, Vassar-Warner Home is eligible for various grants, including both government and foundation funding. Together with individual donations, these grants allow us to support our residents through both good and bad economic times; in other words, we use grants and donations to help our residents  remain at Vassar-Warner Home and avoid moving to a nursing home prematurely. In addition, we apply for and receive grants to enhance programming and quality of life. For example, a grant from the NYS Office of Parks & Recreation provided funds to help restore the front façade of the building.

Vassar-Warner Home Has an All-volunteer Board of Trustees, Board of Advocates,
and Foundation Board

The Board of Trustees, Board of Advocates, and Foundation Board represent the community we serve. Members have a variety of backgrounds and offer experience in finance, human resources, health care, and more. Board members are cherished members of the Vassar-Warner Home community.

Vassar-Warner Home’s Historic Building Is Equipped with Modern Conveniences

The Vassar-Warner Home is a stately, historic building that radiates dignity and warmth. Constructed in 1835, it is prominent on Vassar-Warner Row, listed on the National Register of Historic Properties. Its distinctive columns, high ceilings, verandas, fireplaces, large windows, and antique furniture make it stand out even among the many elegant older homes in the neighborhood. Despite Vassar-Warner Home’s 140-plus year history, the building is outfitted with modern conveniences like an elevator, a full-capacity generator, wi-fi,  a resident computer  station, telephones, cable, and safety-equipped shower and bath facilities. Today, we take pleasure in maintaining a warm and welcoming home, with everything from home-cooked meals to charming parlors to our resident cats.